IB authorization - the quality mark in education
In February 2007 the International European School in Warsaw obtained the authorization of the International Baccalaureate Organization and since then has offered the curriculum of the IB Diploma Programme. The International Baccalaureate Organization was founded in the 1960`s in Switzerland at the International School of Geneva. A group of teachers from various countries with assistance from experts in education were the initiators of that innovative concept of international teaching. Currently there are more than 2372 IB Schools all over the world, including 32 in Poland.

The aim of IB schools is the holistic education of open-minded individuals-providing students with sufficient knowledge that would balance the indispensable amount of information with the ability to manage it, promoting intercultural understanding of various nations through common educational experience and facilitating students mobility (both geographical and cultural) regardless of their nationality. The IB Diploma Programme is a 2-year academic course of intensive learning, as well as an opportunity for genuine personal and social development.

The IB Diploma is generally valued as a guarantee of high standards in education and is recognized by all the universities in the world. Our graduates have studied at prestigious universities such as University College London, University of Edinburgh, Aberdeen University, Southampton University, University of Amsterdam, University of Leuven, University of Rome, Warsaw Medical University, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw Technical University, University of Warsaw, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology and Kozminski University in Warsaw.

Over the past six years our students have achieved results above the world average as illustrated in the chart below.

The results of the IES Warsaw graduates compared to the IB schools average in years 2012-2017.

IES / World
IES / World
IES / World
IES / World
IES / World
IES / World
Average points on Diploma 32 / 29 33 / 29 30 / 30 32 / 29 33 / 30 33 / 29.95
Average grade 5.14 / 4.67 5.05 / 4.69 5.15 / 4.76 5.00 / 4.87 5.50 / 5.00 5.28 / 4.99
*The comparison of the results is based on the data provided by the IBO http://www.ibo.org/facts/statbulletin/dpstats/)