High School Programmes on offer
The three-year high schools in Poland offering the two-year IB Diploma programme have often struggled to find a good use for their First Year (the pre-IB year). We now have the solution!

It is based on the British IGCSE programme. We are encouraging First Year HS students to choose a set of subjects which will allow them to progress smoothly to the six-subject IB Diploma Programme. From our long experience in teaching the British examination programmes, we know that in the case of most subjects they provide an excellent foundation for the IBDP options.

We are also offering additional elements in our First Year, which prepare students for key IB requirements: CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), English Writing Workshop and Introduction to Critical Thinking.


These programme ideas were fully approved by the inspectors from the Regional Office of the IBO during their accreditation visit to our school.

To recap, our First Year student:

studies in English
gains a solid foundation for the IB Diploma Programme
prepares to fulfil the key IB requirements
studies for and passes 5-8 IGCSEs - invaluable during the overseas university application process
learns to deal with examination stress

In other words, we are not wasting any time! These days, the IB DP does not itself require any further recommendation. It is both highly respected and widely recognised within the academic community.

So come and join us!

IES says YES to those who want more!