The admission procedure for High School 1 candidates /IGCSE/

1. All candidates are obliged to sit our Entrance Exam, which consists of 3 parts-English, Mathematics plus one subject chosen by the candidate /see Chart 1, part A/.
2. The candidate can receive a maximum of 100 points for each part of the exam.
3. The candidate must obtain at least 150 points in the written tests to be invited to the oral Interview, which is the final stage of the admissions process. Any candidate whose score is below 150 points will not be accepted.
4. The candidate must submit the most recent school report as the grade average will be taken into consideration during the admissions process /see Chart 1, part B/
5. The interview is conducted and evaluated by the Admissions Committee. The candidate can obtain a maximum of 70 points for his overall performance during the interview/see Chart 1, part C/.
6. During the interview the candidate should also present his/her extracurricular academic, artistic or sport achievements, preferably confirmed by official documents, diplomas or certificates. Each case will be analyzed and evaluated by the Committee (see Chart 1, part D). In total the candidate can receive up to 70 points for extra achievements.
7. In the case of winners and finalists of national academic contests the total number of points in the above section can exceed 70 points
8. If the candidate scores at least 250 points in total (including 150 points in the written exam), he/she will be admitted to the school.
9. The results of the admissions process are decisive.
10. The Admissions Committee consists of the Head of the School, the IB Coordinator, the CAS Coordinator and a High School teacher.


Part A. The Entrance Exam /written papers/:
  1. English—obligatory
  2. Mathematics—obligatory
  3. A subject of the candidate’s choice /available: History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Polish
/ 100 points for each subject/
Part B.
The grade average from the most recent school report.
/awarded for the highest possible average in a given educational system/
Part C.
The Interview /oral/.

Communicative skills and fluency in English, self-presentation.

Preliminary knowledge about the IB programme, with special attention paid to CAS requirements.

Performance in situational tests.

Personality, interests, motivation.

Up to 20 points

Up to 20 points

Up to 10 points

Up to 20 points
Part D.
Extracurricular achievements.

Language certificate /FCE, grade A/

Language certificate /FCE, grade B/

Language certificate /ACE, grade A/

Language certificate /ACE, grade B/

Middle School Exam /score above 80%/

Middle School Exam /score between 80-70%/

Winners/ Finalists of national academic contests

Winners/Finalists /up to 10th place/ of international or national sports competitions

Winners/ Finalists of academic or sports contest /province level/

Winners/ Finalists of other academic contests /above school level/

Participation in charitable actions, voluntary work /documented/
Other accomplishments.

10 points

5 points

15 points

10 points

20 points

10 points

70 points

20 points

10 points

5 points

10 points
TOTAL 500 points