The Programme of Study for Pre-School

The pre-school education programme combines two curricula: Polish (approved by the Ministry of National Education) and British (according to the British National Curriculum).

Polish language classes are offered for 3 to 5 hours per week, depending on the age group. All other classes are conducted in English.

The objectives of preschool education are:
  • To develop the talent and intellect the children will need in everyday life and in further education;
  • To build a value system so children can recognize what is right and what is wrong;
  • To develop the emotional resilience necessary to rationally manage new and difficult situations, including stress and failures;
  • To develop the social skills necessary to develop proper relationships with children and adults;
  • To create an environment that facilitates everyday playing and learning opportunities for children with diverse physical and intellectual abilities;
  • To develop a concern for health and physical well-being by encouraging participation in games and sports;
  • To widen the children's knowledge about the social world, nature, and technology, and to develop communication skills for presenting thoughts in an understandable way;
  • To introduce children to the arts and develop their skills of expression through music, theater, and visual arts;
  • To develop the children's sense of social belonging (to family, peer groups, and country), patriotic attitudes and tolerance for diversity;
  • To provide children with better educational opportunities by supporting their curiosity and autonomy, and develop the knowledge and skills that are important in education.

The educational methods we use are based on the developmental needs of children.
Admission Policy for Pre-school
International European School * Warsaw will admit the following groups for the 2018/2019 school year:
  • Preschool (P 1) - from 3 years old
  • Preschool (P 2)
  • Group "0"
 –  Contact the school via e-mail (ies[at]
 –  Complete the required documents:
  • Application form
  • Medical Evaluation form
 –  Present the completed forms to the school office.
 –  Attend an informational meeting for the parents of candidates.
 –  Parents/Guardians will then have to sign the contract with the School